A new kind of resume

Welcome! Thank you so much for joining me. You haven’t met me yet, but if you get to know me you’ll find out how deeply I appreciate others taking the time to stop by.

My name is Rachelle and here’s the resume I’ve used up to now: I’m a musician in San Diego, specializing in classical piano and vocal music. My professional background includes work as a performing artist, private teacher, choral director, rehearsal pianist, and vocal coach. My employers have been churches, and educational institutions, and parents looking for a nice piano teacher for their lovely children.

I have loved every moment of it. It’s also only half my story. I’m also a daily medical cannabis user, I have tattoos, I’m more likely to listen to Die Antwoord or Marilyn Manson than Brahms or Rachmaninoff. I’m proficient with firearms and the word fuck, both out of necessity. I’ve been told by professors to wear more conservative clothes for juries and by bosses that my ear piercings are inappropriate for a choir rehearsal.

My life has been hard, and I’m a little too raw, a little too dirty, for the comfort of the classical world. The classical world needs me to put on different clothes before I’m worthy of Bach and to be careful not to let my panic attacks or deteriorating health interfere with my finals and jury schedule.

So here I am to tell my whole story. I’ve edited and polished plenty of resumes telling the happy-successful-pianist half of my story. This blog is a new kind of resume: the kind where you put found the best bathroom in the building for crying without being heard as a bullet point right next to responsible for all logistical and administrative aspects of Bach Festival. This blog is for us weirdos, the ones who don’t fit. The ones who hide our tattoos from our coworkers and hide our Chopin habit from our friends. The ones who have endured hard things and ugly things and whose lives just won’t quite be normal.

Once again, welcome! I’m Rachelle and I’m glad you’re reading. My vision is that each of us would be able to tell our whole story in a way that builds up ourselves and others. I’m excited to tell my stories about classical music and marijuana and starting new, and I’m curious what yours are about. If you want to get in touch, comment or check out the contact page.

Stay creative, lovers! More soon ..xoR



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